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Good for your baby. Good for their future. 

We created Pureyay to meet babies' nutritional needs at every stage, from purees to finger foods. Our menu is full of colours, flavours, and textures to ensure your little one has the opportunity to develop their own palate. We left out the plastics and preservatives to give parents peace of mind and 100% transparency.

Pureyay is a team of moms, nutritionists, and clinical dietitians that are working to make baby food better.  

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"I didn't want to have to choose between what's healthy for my son, what's easy and accessible for me, and what's right for the planet, so I decided to create something new."
Amy Elvidge, founder

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 At Pureyay, our goal is to make starting solids safe, healthy and easy for everyone. We combine nutrition science with fresh, organic ingredients to create ready-to-eat meals that grow with your little one, from first bite to toddlerhood.