Protein for Your Little One's Growing Body

Protein for Your Little One's Growing Body

It's important for growing babies and children to eat protein-rich foods. Babies and toddlers need more protein in their diets than older children and adults, around 11 grams per day for babies 7-12 months, and around 13 grams per day for toddlers. 

Here's the protein content of common plant-based foods:

1/4 cup cooked lentils - 8 grams
1/4 cup cooked quinoa - 6 grams

1 Tbsp peanut butter - 3.5 grams
1/4 cup cooked white beans - 3 grams
1 oz tofu - 3 grams
1/4 cup cooked rolled oats - 2.5 grams
1 Tbsp hummus - 1 gram

For example, a baby 7-12 months old can meet their daily protein needs by eating a serving of beans, quinoa and oats. 

​Pureyay meals are packed full of powerful plants rich in protein, vitamins and minerals essential for growing bodies, brains and palates. One jar of Pureyay featuring lentils, beans or quinoa meets at least half your little one's daily protein needs. To help your baby absorb protein even more, we use techniques like long soaking legumes and sprouting whole grains to increase digestibility for little tummies. 

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