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Introducing Solids: Feeding Stages

Feeding Stages for Your Little One

Our jars are broken down into 4 feeding stages:

  • Smooth Singles - Single ingredient purees for babies 4-6 months.
  • Smooth Blends - Multi-ingredient purees for babies 6-8 months.
  • Chunky Blends - Multi-ingredient mashes for babies 8-12 months.
  • Mashable Finger Food - Multi-ingredient soft chunks for babies 12-24 months, or as early as 6 months for baby-led weaning.

When to Introduce Solids

When to introduce solids depends on your baby’s own pace of development. Generally, infants may be ready for solid foods at 4-6 months of age, when they double their birth weight. Pay attention to your LO's cues--Are they interested in your food? Can they sit up in a high chair with good head control? 

Remember to speak with your pediatrician about your baby's readiness for solids before making any changes to their diet.  

How to Introduce Solids

4-6 months: Time to introduce single ingredient purees! Your baby will start with a few bites per 'meal' and work their way up to eating 1 jar per day. Remember that it may take 15-20 times for your baby to accept a new food. Be patient and know that spitting out or refusing food is just part of the process.

6-8 months: Introduce smooth blends with two meals per day. You may be able to stretch one Pureyay jar into two meals, or you may need to provide two jars per day or supplement with additional foods. Yogurt, egg, buttered toast and whole-grain pasta are some of our favourite Pureyay pairings. 

8-12 months: Increase your baby's consumption to 3 meals per day, and work your way into chunky blends. Your baby will be ready to gum (or tooth) their way through heartier textures. Again, one jar may stretch into two meals, or you may need to order additional jars or supplement with complimentary foods. If your baby asks for more, follow their cues and offer them more.  

12+ months: Your baby will be eating 3 meals per day and is ready for mashable finger foods if you haven't already started them. They will enjoy exploring their abilities to feed themselves, as messy as it can be for you. Let them explore new tastes, textures, and colours, and try food off of your plate. 

Remember, learning to eat is a fun, messy and exciting way for you and your LO to bond and explore together. There will be food on the floor and in your hair. Your baby may love a food one day, and refuse it the next. This is all part of the process of exploring their new world. You are their co-pilot, and you may want to wear a bib, too :). Pureyay is here to make things a little easier on you so you can enjoy the mess of mealtime with less prep and clean up. 

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